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pdf SCAR EXCOM 2011 WP25: Communications and Publications


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SCAR EXCOM 2011 WP25: Communications and Publications
SCAR Executive Committee Meeting
18-19 July 2011, Edinburgh, Scotland

SCAR EXCOM 2011 WP25: Communications and Publications

Working Paper 25
Agenda Item: 7
Deadline: May 9
Person Responsible: Renuka

Executive Summary

Title: Communications and Publications

Authors: R Badhe, M Sparrow

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pdf Communications Plan (352 KB) (updated)

Introduction/ Background: Through communication, SCAR increases the visibility of the organization and its activities; develop cooperation with partners; mobilize resources; effectively link the Secretariat staff with SCAR’s Executive Committee, scientific activities, and other Antarctic organizations; ensure that all SCAR members are aware of opportunities to participate in SCAR; and establishes SCAR as the preferred source of scientific information for policy makers, scientists and journalists looking for information with respect to scientific issues in the Antarctic region.

Partners: Other organizations with an interest in disseminating information on Antarctica (COMNAP, CCAMLR etc.)

Expected Benefits/Outcomes: Increased visibility for SCAR, and dissemination of information in a range of manners, in order to create maximum impact.

Budget Implications: A standard publication budget of $2000; additional requests are made as required. In order to update the SCAR website (a high priority) $10,000