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pdf SCAR EXCOM 2013 WP24: Interactions with CCAMLR


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SCAR EXCOM 2013 WP24: Interactions with CCAMLR
SCAR Executive Committee Meeting
22-23 July 2013, Barcelona, Spain

SCAR EXCOM 2013 WP24: Interactions with CCAMLR

Working Paper 24
Agenda Item: 5.3
Deadline: 22 Jun 2013
Person Responsible: Renuka B., Mike S.

Executive Summary

Title: Interactions with CCAMLR, meeting of joint action group, May 2013.

Authors: Renuka Badhe, Michael Sparrow

Introduction/ Background: Partnerships between organizations with complementary aims and interests should bring added value to all organisations involved. SCAR and CCAMLR have a history of cooperation, though the relationship has perhaps lacked a strategic vision in terms of ensuring both partners benefit from the partnership and work together as effectively as possible. Therefore, SCAR and CCAMLR held a 1-day meeting to develop a more strategic approach to their relationship.

Recommendations/Actions and Justification:  

  • CCAMLR and SCAR to discuss further regarding meetings where either community can effectively contribute as invited experts and vice versa, e.g. the possibility of engaging SCAR in CCAMLR Scientific Committee working groups as invited experts (SC-CAMLR Chair to raise this issue it WG-EMM in 2013), , SCAR to send information to CCAMLR Secretariat regarding Acoustics group, and Vents group to CCAMLR (K Reid, M Sparrow; ASAP).
  • SCAR to continue to send CCAMLR information about the Horizon Scan, and CCAMLR to engage members with the Horizon Scan- both on the questions (solicitation open now), as well as nomination of experts, when online nominations open. (K Reid, R Badhe; ongoing)
  • SCAR and CCAMLR to share lists of papers to be presented at the CEP, and consider a joint IP about SCAR-CCAMLR interactions to the next CEP (K Reid, M Sparrow; end of 2013).
  • Hold a meeting during the SCAR Biology symposium to discuss possible joint initiatives with the SCAR life science groups, and to build an action plan for possible future interactions and projects (K Reid, M Sparrow, R Badhe; ASAP)
  • Ways of highlighting winners of SCAR COMNAP CCAMLR fellowships/scholarship to be discussed between SCAR-CCAMLR-COMNAP. Possible solutions include webpage profiling past winners, highlighting them in SCAR Conferences, etc. (R Badhe, K Reid, M Rogan-Finnemore; end of year)
  • Possible availability of empty berths on CCAMLR member research cruises in the Southern Ocean, to be highlighted on available databases (APECS, ICED, and SOOS). (K Reid, L Newman, APECS representative; ASAP)

Expected Benefits/Outcomes:  

SCAR has successfully used this approach previously, and hopes to improve its strategic partnership with CCAMLR. The expected benefit of the AG’s advice would result in SCAR and CCAMLR working together more effectively and in a more strategic manner.


Budget Implications: 2013 allocation for AG is USD 5000.