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pdf SCAR EXCOM 2017 Paper 13: Report from SOOS

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SCAR EXCOM 2017 Paper 13: Report from SOOS
SCAR Executive Committee Meeting
31 July - 2 August, Brno, Czech Republic

SCAR EXCOM 2017 Paper 13: Report from SOOS

Southern Ocean Observing System, 2016-2017 Report

Agenda Item: 2.2
Person Responsible: L. Newman
Report Author(s): Anna Wahlin (Co-Chair); Oscar Schofield (Co-Chair); Andrew Constable (Vice-Chair); Sebastiaan Swart (Vice Chair); Louise Newman (IPO)

Summary of activities from 2016-17 and any other important issues or factors:
From 2016-17, SOOS has delivered the Database of Upcoming Expeditions to the Southern Ocean (DueSouth); identified and made discoverable a network of over 600 current and historical moorings in the Southern Ocean; rescued 20 years of data from 63 international moorings; developed 4 regional networks to coordinate Southern Ocean observational efforts; published 8 peer-reviewed strategic and/or review publications; brokered an agreement with EMODnet and JCOMMOPS for delivery of interactive map of Southern Ocean observing platforms (SOOSMap); held 11 meetings/workshops with significant international sponsorship of these events; supported the development of the CCAMLR Marine Protected Area monitoring plan; and delivered the 5-Year Implementation Plan and 5-year Business Plan.

SOOS held it’s annual EXCOM and Scientific Steering Commttee meetings in mid-June. Several key decisions from that meeting are reported here, noting that approval from the co-sponsors SCAR and SCOR is still required before they are confirmed.