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pdf ACA Action Group Report 2019

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ACA Action Group Report 2019

Antarctic Clouds and Aerosol Action Group - 2018-19 Report

Action Group of the Physical Sciences Group

Report Author: Tom Lachlan-Cope (UK)

A meeting of the action group was held during the 2019 EGU meeting. This was associated with a polar cloud session at EGU. We have had our group meeting at EGU for several years as it has proved to be a good opportunity to get the Antarctic cloud community together – this year including a representative from the Australians. Useful discussions were had on future field plans and how these plans can be better coordinated. A major aim of this group is to develop a database of Antarctic cloud observation starting with ceilometer data. After a slow start this project is now getting off the ground and summer student has been employed at BAS to start preliminary work on this.