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AntArchitecture Action Group Report 2019

AntArchitecture Action Group - 2018-19 Report

Action Group of the Physical Sciences and Geosciences Groups

Report Author: Robert Bingham (UK)

AntArchitecture aims to develop a continent-wide age-depth model of Antarctica’s ice using the internal layers and surfaces imaged by radarsounding. The product will underpin the wider goal to determine the stability of the Antarctic Ice Sheets over past glacial cycles, and feeds into additional SCAR Groups such as PAIS, IPICS, and AntClim21.

AntArchitecture was approved as a SCAR Action Group at the June 2018 SCAR Delegates Meeting in Davos. As an Action Group, AntArchitecture has two 2-year milestones; the first being production of a white paper for 2020, outlining the need for an Antarctic radar-layers database, the potential applications, and methods for achieving it; the second being the aspiration to publish, in 2022, an online dataset and paper reporting the 3D internal architecture of the Antarctic Ice Sheet.