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pdf GeoMAP Action Group Report 2019

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GeoMAP Action Group Report 2019

GeoMAP (Geological Mapping Update of Antarctica) Action Group - 2018-19 Report

Action Group of the Geociences Group

Report Author: Simon Cox (New Zealand)

GeoMAP action group is finalising the first version (v.201907) of a geological dataset to classify and describe the bedrock and surficial geology of Antarctica. Significant progress was achieved over the austral summer thanks
to seed-funding of travel/accommodation scholarships for students from SCAR. GeoMAP depicts ‘known geology’ of rock exposures rather than ‘interpreted’ sub-ice features, and is aimed towards continent-wide perspectives and cross-discipline interrogation. We plan to hold a release workshop at the Antarctica Earth Sciences symposia (XIII ISAES ) in Korea (July 2019). A ‘beta-version’ dataset will be provided to any interested people at, and after, the ISAES XIII meeting. It will then go through a review phase and be corrected for publication and formal release in 2020.