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pdf ISMASS Expert Group Report 2019

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ISMASS Expert Group Report 2019

ISMASS (Ice Sheet Mass Balance and Sea Level) - 2018-19 Report

Expert Group of the Physical Sciences Group

Report Author: Catherine Ritz (France)


ISMASS is dedicated to both Arctic and Antarctic and is supported by SCAR, CliC, and IASC. The following information does not directly concern Antarctica but Greenland. The tools however are common for both ice sheets. ISMASS promoted an intercomparison project (SMBMIP, also in the framework of ISMIP6) which aimed to evaluate all estimations of SMB, coming from RCM, PDD and GCM over the Greenland ice sheet in the goal of forcing ice sheet models afterwards. The first results were presented at AGU in fall 2018.

ISMASS will continue to be involved in intercomparison projects such as ISMIP6 (climate and ice sheets), MISOMIP (ocean and ice sheet). Several members of ISMASS are members of the PPG AIDSL (Antarctic Ice Dynamics and Sea Level Change).