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pdf SCAR XXIX IP07: Report of SCAR History Group

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SCAR XXIX IP07: Report of SCAR History Group
XXIX SCAR Delegates Meeting
17-19 July 2006, Hobart, Australia

SCAR XXIX IP07: Report of SCAR History Group

Infomation Paper 7
Agenda Item: 6.1.3
Posted/Revised: May 1
Person Responsible: Ludeck


Estimated SCAR funding required for the next 2 years (in USD): 5.000 USD

Summary of five main achievements (highlights):

  1. Establishment of action group consisting of polar scientists, historians of science and other scholars interested in history of Antarctic research.
  2. Organisation of the first workshop on the history of Antarctic research at Munich on 1-2 July 2005.
  3. Collection of papers and review process of the contributions of the 1st workshop.
  4. Publication of the proceedings of the 1st workshop.
  5. Organisation of the 2nd workshop to be held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile in Santiago (Chile) on 21-23 September 2006 has already started.

Report also includes progress against prior work, proposed work plan for the next two years, IPY contributions, recommendations and membership.