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XXIX SCAR Delegates 2006, Hobart, Australia

The XXIX SCAR Delegates’ Meeting took place between 17-19 July 2006 in Hobart, Australia.

Meeting Report:

pdf SCAR Bulletin 161 - 2006 December - Report on the XXIX Meeting of SCAR Delegates, Hobart, 2006 (541 KB)

Notes: WP10 and WP11 were oral presentations


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pdf SCAR XXIX WP20: Report on Inter-hemispheric Conjugacy Effects in Solar-Terrestrial and Aeronomy Research (ICESTAR) (786 downloads) Download (pdf, 166 KB)
pdf SCAR XXIX WP21a: Report on Subglacial Antarctic Lake Environments (SALE) (787 downloads) Download (pdf, 104 KB)
pdf SCAR XXIX WP21b: Report on Subglacial Antarctic Lake Environments (SALE) - Milestones 2005-2008 (769 downloads) Download (pdf, 127 KB)
pdf SCAR XXIX WP22: Memorandum of Association (771 downloads) Download (pdf, 244 KB)
pdf SCAR XXIX WP23: Articles of Association (795 downloads) Download (pdf, 404 KB)
pdf SCAR XXIX WP24: Rules of Procedure (Revised) (782 downloads) Download (pdf, 436 KB)
pdf SCAR XXIX WP25: Explanatory Notes on Legal Matters (757 downloads) Download (pdf, 140 KB)
pdf SCAR XXIX WP26: SCAR Achievements (780 downloads) Download (pdf, 410 KB)
pdf SCAR XXIX WP27: SCAR/COMNAP Brochure (776 downloads) Download (pdf, 262 KB)
pdf SCAR XXIX WP28: Capacity Building and Education Plan (1281 downloads) Download (pdf, 462 KB)
pdf SCAR XXIX WP29: SCAR Fellowship Programme (757 downloads) Download (pdf, 86 KB)
pdf SCAR XXIX WP30: Status of National Reporting (779 downloads) Download (pdf, 338 KB)
pdf SCAR XXIX WP31: New Template for National Reporting (748 downloads) Download (pdf, 42 KB)
pdf SCAR XXIX WP32: Future of the Standing Committee on ATS (800 downloads) Download (pdf, 99 KB)
pdf SCAR XXIX WP33: SCAR’s Relations with ICSU Unions (774 downloads) Download (pdf, 74 KB)
pdf SCAR XXIX WP34: Relationship Between SCAR and IASC (748 downloads) Download (pdf, 97 KB)
pdf SCAR XXIX WP35: SCAR and IPICS (914 downloads) Download (pdf, 109 KB)
pdf SCAR XXIX WP36: Report of the XXIX SCAR Finance Committee (760 downloads) Download (pdf, 264 KB)
pdf SCAR XXIX WP37: Financial Statement for 2004 (774 downloads) Download (pdf, 70 KB)
pdf SCAR XXIX WP38a: Financial Statement for 2005 - Summary (836 downloads) Download (pdf, 59 KB)