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pdf SCAR XXXI WP18: Report on Astronomy and Astrophysics in Antarctica (AAA)

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XXXI SCAR Delegates Meeting
9-11 August 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina

SCAR XXXI WP18: Report on Astronomy and Astrophysics in Antarctica (AAA)

Working Paper 18
Agenda Item: 6.6
Posted/Revised: May 1
Person Responsible: Storey

Executive Summary

Title: Report on Astronomy and Astrophysics from Antarctica (AAA)

Authors: John Storey, Chief Officer, AAA

Relevant URLs or references to other reports: The AAA SRP web site is at: (updated link)

Introduction/Background: The SCAR AAA SRP Planning Group was proposed at the Hobart XXIX SCAR in 2006.  Creation of the AAA SRP was approved at the Moscow XXX SCAR Delegates meeting in 2008, and AAA will hold its first formal meeting as a Scientific Research Program in August in Buenos Aires.  The AAA Planning Group held two meetings during 2009: in Frascati, Italy and in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Important Issues or Factors: This is the first year that AAA is a Scientific Research Program.  The Steering Committee has the same members as the SRP Planning Group, namely:

  • Philip Anderson (United Kingdom)
  • Michael Burton (Australia)
  • Xiangqun Cui (China)
  • Nicolas Epchtein (France)
  • Takashi Ichikawa (Japan)
  • Albrecht Karle (USA)
  • James Lloyd (USA)
  • Silvia Masi (Italy)
  • John Storey (Australia) – Chief Officer
  • Lifan Wang (China/USA)

The four Working Groups have now been established within AAA. They are:

  • Working Group A: Site testing, validation and data archiving.
 Chair: Jon Lawrence, Vice-chair: Tony Travouillon
  • Working Group B: Arctic site testing.
 Chair: Michael Andersen, Vice-chair: Eric Steinbring
  • Working Group C: Science goals.
 Chair: Michael Burton, Vice-chair: Hans Zinnecker (TBC)
  • Working Group D: Major new facilities.
 Chair: John Kovac, Vice-chair: Xuefei Gong

Recommendations/Actions and Justification: None.

Expected Benefits/Outcomes: NA

Partners: No formal partners, although the IAU is now a Union Member of SCAR

Budget Implications: Continuing funding is requested at the approved level.