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pdf SCAR XXXI WP25: Report on Interactions with COMNAP


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XXXI SCAR Delegates Meeting
9-11 August 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina

SCAR XXXI WP25: Report on Interactions with COMNAP

Working Paper 25
Agenda Item: 8.3
Posted/Revised: June 1
Person Responsible: Sparrow

Executive Summary

Title: Report on Interactions with COMNAP

Authors: Mike Sparrow, Chuck Kennicutt with input from Michelle Rogan-Finnemore (COMNAP)

Relevant URLs or references to other reports:,

Introduction/ Background: Since XXX SCAR there have been two meetings between the EXCOMs of SCAR and COMNAP, one in Punta Arenas (August 2009) and one in Buenos Aires (August 2010). The two EXCOMs agreed to form an Action Group (as done with CEP) to explore ways in which the two organisations could work together more effectively and in a more strategic manner. The Action Group held its first meeting in Baltimore on March 13, and a second meeting in the margins of the ATCM/CEP meeting in Montevideo in May 2010.

Recommendations/Actions and Justification: Delegates are asked to note progress made to date and to discuss and where appropriate approve recommended actions highlighted by the Action group in areas of mutual collaboration. These cover several areas, with a particular emphasis on Education and Outreach and Communication activities (e.g. joint Fellowships) and other possible areas of joint collaboration (e.g. observing systems, non-native species, data and information management, joint workshops and papers to the ATCM).

Expected Benefits/Outcomes:  An improved, more efficient working relationship between SCAR and COMNAP that benefit both organizations.

Partners: COMNAP

Budget Implications: None