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pdf SCAR XXXI WP29: Report on SCAR Science Week


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XXXI SCAR Delegates Meeting
9-11 August 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina

SCAR XXXI WP29: Report on SCAR Science Week

St. Petersburg, Russia 4-11 July 2008

Working Paper 29
Agenda Item: 10.5
Posted/Revised: Feb 1
Person Responsible: Sparrow

Executive Summary

Title: Report on SCAR Science Week, St. Petersburg, Russia 4-11 July 2008

Authors: Russian LOC

Introduction/ Background: The XXX Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) Meeting and the SCAR and International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) Open Science Conference “Polar Research – Arctic and Antarctic perspectives in the International Polar Year” were held in St. Petersburg, Russia between July 4th and July 11th 2008.

The 4-day conference in St. Petersburg in July 2008 was different from its predecessors in that it was jointly organized by SCAR and its Arctic counterpart, the IASC. IASC has the same responsibilities for the Arctic, and likewise represents a number of countries. It was also co sponsored by International Council for Science (ICSU) and the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO).

Important Issues or Factors: Delegates will be invited to comment on the results of the St Petersburg meeting, observing lessons learned that may apply to the organisation and implementation of XXXII SCAR.