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pdf SCAR XXXI WP30: Management of SCAR Open Science Conferences


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XXXI SCAR Delegates Meeting
9-11 August 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina

SCAR XXXI WP30: Management of SCAR Open Science Conferences

Working Paper 30
Agenda Item: 10.7
Posted/Revised: July 1
Person Responsible: Sparrow/Badhe

Executive Summary

Title: Management of SCAR Open Science Conferences

Authors: Mike Sparrow, Chuck Kennicutt after consultation with SCAR VPs Ad Huiskes (Finance) and Toni Meloni (Administration)

Relevant URLs or references to other reports:; Guidelines for Organizers of Biennial SCAR Meetings ( (updated link))

Introduction/ Background: Working Paper WP 29 at XXX SCAR in 2008 proposed standardization of the management of the SCAR Open Science Conferences (OSCs). At the request of the Delegates this proposal was re-evaluated and refined. At the EXCOM meeting in 2009 this proposal was reviewed and updated as WP23. A new and improved model for managing SCAR’s OSCs is provided.

Recommendations/Actions and Justification: The Secretariat, in consultation with an International Scientific Organizing Committee (ISOC), will manage the process of assembling the Science Program for the Open Science Conference. This ensures that abstract submission and handling is efficiently handled by a standardized process from Conference to Conference. The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) continues to assume responsibility for all local arrangements and financial aspects of the Conferences. Delegates are requested to approve Secretariat plans to partial, in-house management for SCAR OSCs by developing an on-line, automated system.

Expected Benefits/Outcomes: SCAR Open Science Conference management will be standardized increasing efficiency, reducing cost and minimizing the risk of failure.

Budget Implications: At this time no financial investment is required assuming that the current web site can adequately provide the on-line services proposed. If an investment in commercial software is necessary competitive bids would be procured at that time and alternatives assessed.