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XXXI SCAR Delegates 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The XXXI SCAR Delegates’ Meeting took place between 9 - 11 August 2010 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Meeting Report:

pdf SCAR Bulletin 176 - 2010 November - Report of the XXXI SCAR Delegates Meeting, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2010 (381 KB)

Notes: No papers WP12, WP20, WP21. Papers WP32, WP36, IP17, IP21 and IP24 were oral. 


Toggle Title Download
pdf SCAR XXXI WP38: SCAR Budget for 2012 (1046 downloads) Download (pdf, 158 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI WP39: Financial Strategy (1039 downloads) Download (pdf, 317 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI WP40: SCAR Guidelines for Accepting Donations (1063 downloads) Download (pdf, 272 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI WP41: Bid to Host SCAR 2014 by New Zealand (1237 downloads) Download (pdf, 256 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP01: SCAR Annual Report for 2009 (1055 downloads) Download (pdf, 524 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP02: SCAR’s Performance Review Report (1016 downloads) Download (pdf, 520 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP03a: Code of Conduct for Subglacial Fieldwork (1044 downloads) Download (pdf, 249 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP03b: Code of Conduct for Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes in Antarctica (1033 downloads) Download (pdf, 254 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP04a: Report of the Joint and Individual Meetings of SCADM and SCAGI (1605 downloads) Download (pdf, 489 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP04b: SCAR Data Policy (1437 downloads) Download (pdf, 332 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP04c: SCAR Data and Information Management Strategy (DIMS) 2009 - 2013 (1050 downloads) Download (pdf, 515 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP05: Chief Officers’ Meeting report, Punta Arenas, 2009 (1034 downloads) Download (pdf, 321 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP06: Report of 3rd SCAR Cross-Linkages Workshop, Modena, 2009 (983 downloads) Download (pdf, 427 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP07: Antarctic Climate Change and the Environment Review (1043 downloads) Download (pdf, 20.02 MB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP08: Progress with the International Polar Year (IPY) 2007-2008 (1077 downloads) Download (pdf, 302 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP09: Report of the Twenty­-Eighth Meeting on the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) (1017 downloads) Download (pdf, 278 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP10: The SCAR 50th Anniversary Book Draft (1041 downloads) Download (pdf, 233 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP11: SCAR Awards (1028 downloads) Download (pdf, 215 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP12: SCAR Fellowships (1050 downloads) Download (pdf, 99 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP13: Rules of Procedure for Working Groups (1034 downloads) Download (pdf, 355 KB)