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XXXI SCAR Delegates 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The XXXI SCAR Delegates’ Meeting took place between 9 - 11 August 2010 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Meeting Report:

pdf SCAR Bulletin 176 - 2010 November - Report of the XXXI SCAR Delegates Meeting, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2010 (381 KB)

Notes: No papers WP12, WP20, WP21. Papers WP32, WP36, IP17, IP21 and IP24 were oral. 


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pdf SCAR XXXI IP14: SCAR’s Relations with Partners (964 downloads) Download (pdf, 298 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP15: Social Science Action Group: Values in Antarctica (1133 downloads) Download (pdf, 234 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP16: Report of the SCAR Executive Committee Meeting, Punta Arenas, 2009 (946 downloads) Download (pdf, 562 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP18: Report of XXX SCAR Delegates Meeting (1108 downloads) Download (pdf, 418 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP19: Report on the Organization of the XXXI SCAR Meetings and Open Science Conference, 2010 (1032 downloads) Download (pdf, 358 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP20: Report on SCAR Communications and Publications (982 downloads) Download (pdf, 252 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP22: Status of National Reporting (1000 downloads) Download (pdf, 266 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP23: Activities of the Secretariat (986 downloads) Download (pdf, 209 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP25: Progress Against Actions from XXX SCAR (971 downloads) Download (pdf, 241 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP26: The Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) (1196 downloads) Download (pdf, 303 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXI IP27: Ice Sheet Mass Balance and Sea Level (ISMASS): A Science Plan (1242 downloads) Download (pdf, 538 KB)