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pdf SCAR XXXII IP07: Report of Cross Linkages Workshop 2011


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XXXII SCAR Delegates Meeting
23-25 July 2012, Portland Oregon, USA

SCAR XXXII IP07: Report of Cross Linkages Workshop 2011

Information Paper: 7
Agenda Item: 5.2.4
Posted/Revised: June 1
Person Responsible: Sparrow/Conlan

Executive Summary

Title: Cross Linkages workshops

Authors: M. Sparrow, K. Conlan

Introduction/ Background:

A Cross linkages meeting was held in Ottawa in May 2011 with the express aims to:

 (i) discuss current activities, in particular the new PPGs from a cross cutting perspective (ii) concentrate on new ideas that cross cut programmes and disciplines (iii) identify emerging issues and new frontiers on the horizon that are interdisciplinary.

This report should also be read in conjunction with the report on  “The next Generation of SCAR Research Programmes: Planning Meeting”, which focused on cross linkages between the next generation of SCAR Research Programmes:

pdf SCAR Bulletin 184 - 2013 August - Report of the Programme Planning Group Meeting, Modena, Italy, 2012 (378 KB)

Recommendations/Actions and Justification:

Cross linkages meetings will in future be held in conjunction with the Chief Officers’ Meeting held prior to the Executive Committee Meeting in order to reduce costs.