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pdf SCAR XXXII IP12: Advice to Other Bodies


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XXXII SCAR Delegates Meeting
23-25 July 2012, Portland Oregon, USA

SCAR XXXII IP12: Advice to Other Bodies, such as the IPCC

Information Paper: 12
Agenda Item: 8.2
Posted/Revised: June 14
Person Responsible: Sparrow

Executive Summary

Title: Advice to other bodies, such as the IPCC

Authors: M. Sparrow, J Turner

Introduction/ Background: SCAR has a duel mission of science coordination and policy advice. With regards to the latter the focus is very much on providing independent, objective advice to the Antarctic Treaty. However, SCAR also provides advice to other bodies, in particular with regards to the issue of climate change. For example, SCAR is an Observer to the United National Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and sometimes uses ICSU’s observer status to attend relevant workshops or meetings, mainly to provide advice on ice sheet mass balance and sea level. SCAR also contributes to the literature relevant to the IPCC process through individual publications by SCAR scientists and overarching programmes such as AGCS and the proposed SRP AntClim21.

Expected Benefits/Outcomes: Fulfillment of SCAR’s dual mission of coordination and science advice and ensuring SCAR is seen as an important contributor to the policy arena beyond the Antarctic Treaty.

Partners: IPCC and other relevant policy makers

Budget Implications: $3,000 a year to allow the option of a SCAR representative participating in relevant IPCC workshops or other relevant policy advice meetings