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pdf SCAR XXXII IP19: Other Communications Activities


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XXXII SCAR Delegates Meeting
23-25 July 2012, Portland Oregon, USA

SCAR XXXII IP19: Other Communications Activities

(Social networking, publications, SCAR Newsletter etc.)

Information Paper: 19
Agenda Item: 10.3
Posted/Revised: June 23
Person Responsible: Badhe

Executive Summary

Title: Other Communications Activities (social networking, publications, SCAR Newsletter, etc.)

Authors: R Badhe, M Sparrow

Relevant URLs or references to other reports: (updated link)

pdf Report 25 (352 KB) (Communications Plan) (updated link)

Introduction/ Background: SCAR increases the visibility of the organization and its activities through Communication. SCAR develops cooperation with partners; mobilize resources; effectively link the Secretariat staff with SCAR’s Executive Committee, scientific activities, and other Antarctic organizations; ensure that all SCAR members are aware of opportunities to participate in SCAR; and establishes SCAR as the preferred source of scientific information for policy makers, scientists and journalists looking for information with respect to scientific issues in the Antarctic region.

Important Issues or Factors:  Delegates to note that Draft social media policy is presented here for discussion

Expected Benefits/Outcomes:  Increased visibility for SCAR, and dissemination of information in a range of matters, in order to create maximum impact.

Partners: National Antarctic Organisations’ PR groups, other international organisations like COMNAP, IASC, Science Media Center, etc.

Budget Implications: A standard publication budget of $2000; additional requests are made as required. In order to update the SCAR website $10,000 was allocated in 2011.