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XXXIV SCAR Delegates 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

SCAR OSC 2016 LogoThe XXXIV SCAR Delegates' Meeting was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia, between 08:30 on Monday 29 August and 17:45 on Tuesday 30 August 2016.  There was an Icebreaker Reception at 17:00 on Sunday 28 August, and the Delegates Dinner at 19:30 on Monday 29 August.  As is customary, the Delegates Meeting, the Icebreaker Reception and the Delegates Dinner were free to attend but attendees were required to register for the meeting and social events on the SCAR 2016 website. 

The SCAR 2016 website was archived following the meeting and is available, with some limited functionality, at:

Meeting Report:



Presentations - XXXIV SCAR Delegates 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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pdf SCAR XXXIV WP26: Capacity Building, Education and Training (CBET), including Future Plans (1087 downloads) Download (pdf, 152 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV WP27: SCAR Communication Activities (763 downloads) Download (pdf, 1.88 MB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV WP28: Highlighting the Role of SCAR Groups, Union Members and National Committees (718 downloads) Download (pdf, 94 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV WP29: Bids to Host SCAR 2020 (1528 downloads) Download (pdf, 1.79 MB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV WP30a: Proposed Amendments to the SCAR Rules of Procedure from the Structural Review (735 downloads) Download (pdf, 302 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV WP30b: Proposed Amendments to the Rules of Procedure for Subsidiary Bodies from the Structural Review (731 downloads) Download (pdf, 490 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV WP30c: Proposed Amendments to the SCAR Articles of Association (757 downloads) Download (pdf, 1.00 MB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV WP31: The SCAR Strategic Plan 2017-2022 (731 downloads) Download (pdf, 386 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV WP32: ICSU Review of SCAR (785 downloads) Download (pdf, 485 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV WP33: Secretariat Report (713 downloads) Download (pdf, 551 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV WP34: Finance Update (720 downloads) Download (pdf, 109 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV WP35: Simplification of Membership Levels (745 downloads) Download (pdf, 152 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV WP36: Review of Secretariat Remuneration (707 downloads) Download (pdf, 98 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV WP37: Financial Statement for 2014 (714 downloads) Download (pdf, 350 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV WP38: Financial Statement for 2015 (745 downloads) Download (pdf, 353 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV WP39: Revised Budget for 2016 (732 downloads) Download (pdf, 451 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV WP40: Revised Budget for 2017 (712 downloads) Download (pdf, 362 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV WP41: Draft Budget for 2018, Including Applications for Major Meeting Funds (720 downloads) Download (pdf, 369 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV WP42: The SCAR Development Council (975 downloads) Download (pdf, 93 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV IP02: Partnerships between the WMO (including WCRP) and SCAR (757 downloads) Download (pdf, 151 KB)