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XXXIV SCAR Delegates 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

SCAR OSC 2016 LogoThe XXXIV SCAR Delegates' Meeting was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia, between 08:30 on Monday 29 August and 17:45 on Tuesday 30 August 2016.  There was an Icebreaker Reception at 17:00 on Sunday 28 August, and the Delegates Dinner at 19:30 on Monday 29 August.  As is customary, the Delegates Meeting, the Icebreaker Reception and the Delegates Dinner were free to attend but attendees were required to register for the meeting and social events on the SCAR 2016 website. 

The SCAR 2016 website was archived following the meeting and is available, with some limited functionality, at:

Meeting Report:



Presentations - XXXIV SCAR Delegates 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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pdf SCAR XXXIV IP03: SCAR Products (805 downloads) Download (pdf, 326 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV IP04: SCAR/IASC Think Tank Report (747 downloads) Download (pdf, 2.71 MB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV IP05: Antarctic Roadmap Challenges (ARC) and Horizon Scan Follow-up (770 downloads) Download (pdf, 398 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV IP06: The SCAR/COMNAP Fellowship Scheme (745 downloads) Download (pdf, 229 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV IP07: The SCAR Visiting Professor Scheme (742 downloads) Download (pdf, 175 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV IP08: The Tinker-Muse Prize (763 downloads) Download (pdf, 118 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV IP09: Summary of XII ISAES in India (720 downloads) Download (pdf, 83 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV IP10: Plans for Biology Symposium 2017 (728 downloads) Download (pdf, 139 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV IP11: Plans for POLAR 2018 (798 downloads) Download (pdf, 471 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV IP12: Structural Review Report (Bulletin 192) (732 downloads) Download (pdf, 326 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV IP13: EXCOM 2015 Report (Bulletin 194) (709 downloads) Download (pdf, 650 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV IP14: Expression of Interest from India in Hosting 2022 Biennial Meetings (766 downloads) Download (pdf, 190 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV IP15: ICED (Integrating Climate and Ecosystem Dynamics in the Southern Ocean) Report (830 downloads) Download (pdf, 153 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV IP16: Looking Ahead: Future Multi-national Initiatives from ICED and SOOS (899 downloads) Download (pdf, 204 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV IP17: Report of the Joint CEP/SC-CAMLR Workshop on Climate Change and Monitoring (886 downloads) Download (pdf, 133 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV IP18: Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty Report to SCAR on the XXXIX Antarctic Treaty Meeting in Santiago, Chile (799 downloads) Download (pdf, 143 KB)
pdf SCAR XXXIV IP19: SCAR Executive Committee Election Procedure (723 downloads) Download (pdf, 121 KB)