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pdf Life Sciences Meeting Report 2020

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Life Sciences Meeting Report 2020

SCAR 2020 LS virtual meeting

Report Authors: Yan Ropert-Coudert (head), Marc Shepanek (co-head) and Ian McDonald (secretary).


Recommendations to the Delegates and EXCOM

Dear Delegates, Dear Excom Members:

The Covid situation has meant that we cannot meet face-to-face with you all. We also could not meet properly with the Life Sciences national representatives to discuss the various business that took place during 2019 and part of 2020 and those to come. We do not know what form the Delegates meeting will take this year, nor what decisions can or cannot be taken, but we felt it was important to show that Life Sciences continues to be an active community even in these troubled times. Below are the positions of the Life Sciences representatives on several items that we know are of interest.

The Life Sciences community has exchanged ideas and information using a Google doc in which items to discuss were listed and detailed. Links to AG and EG reports were given. At the end of each item that required an endorsement by the community, the heads of Life Sciences provided an initial statement and a link to a voting table. This voting table had all 37 countries in rows and items in columns. Each country could vote “agree”, “disagree”, “abstention” and comment in a box. Following a first round of voting, items were either closed when there were only “Agree” or “Abstention”. If one country disagreed, the Life Sciences heads made a synthesis of the discussion, online (zoom, skype…) meetings were also held with several countries. Then, a new statement was made with a second table of voting, similar to the first round. After these two rounds, a final Life Sciences synthesis document was produced, validated by the representatives, and this is the document you are about to read below.

We appreciate the many challenges you have been dealing with and hope you will appreciate the effort made to keep the dialog between the different levels of hierarchy in SCAR, and look forward to the next in-person meeting. We are also ready to discuss with you any of the items below should any be unclear and if you wish to.

Yan Ropert-Coudert (head), Marc Shepanek (co-head) and Ian McDonald (secretary).