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pdf PLASTIC Action Group Report 2020

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PLASTIC Action Group Report 2020

Plastic in Polar Environments (PLASTIC-AG) 2018-2020 Report

Action Group of the Life Sciences Group

Report Author(s): Claire Waluda (UK), Cath Waller (UK), Ilaria Corsi (Italy), Elisa Bergami (Italy), Clara Manno (UK)


Summary of activities from 2018-20


  1. POLAR 2018 Open Science Conference, 17 June 2018, Davos, Switzerland. Establishment of “Plastic at the Poles” Action Group (PLASTIC-AG) attended by members from 23 countries. Report available at: 
  2. Establishment of the mission, declaration of the expected achievements, logo design agreed.
  3. Development of the PLASTIC-AG webpage on the SCAR website, set up of mailing list and organization of AG events.
  4. First AG workshop entitled “Plastic in the Polar Environment: sources, impacts and solutions” (October 28-29 2019), hosted by the Energy and Environment Institute (EEI), University of Hull (UK) and sponsored by AirB&B and Hurtigruten. This was attended by 45 scientists from 14 countries. Report available at:
  5. Special issue of Environment International (Elsevier, IF 7.943) entitled “Plastics in Polar Regions”. Guest editors (Ilaria Corsi & Elisa Bergami). The special issue includes 10 key research papers from the Plastic-AG community on plastic pollution in Arctic and Antarctica. A selection of these are listed in Additional Information below.
  6. Establishment of Plastic AG Early Career Researcher network (currently more than 25 members) for sharing activities, upcoming events and opportunities.