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pdf ImPACT Action Group Report 2020

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ImPACT Action Group Report 2020

Input Pathways for persistent organic pollutants to AntarCTica (ImPACT) 2018-2020 Report

Action Group of the Physical Sciences/Life Sciences Group

 Report Author(s): Susan Bengtson Nash (Australia), Simonetta Corsolini (Italy), Cristobal Galban-Malagon (Chile)


Summary of activities from 2018-20

Our 2018 Action Group Proposal identified the following short-medium term objectives.

  • Co-ordinate current and ongoing research efforts aligned with the Action Group terms of reference, ensuring data collected meets minimum quality assurance requirements for temporal trend collation.
  • Pursue national and multi-national funding strategies for establishment of permanent atmospheric monitoring stations at four sites across the continent (Casey Station, Troll station, Mario Zucchelli Station and Professor Julio Escudero base (or another Chilean base in the Antarctic Peninsula region)
  • Publish collaborative synthesis works relating to identified knowledge gaps, arising from coordinated monitoring efforts.
  • Identify avenues for scaffolding of the ImPACT Action Group towards establishment of an AnMAP body.