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pdf SCAR XXXVII Paper 13: Physical Sciences Group (SG-PS)

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SCAR XXXVII Paper 13: Physical Sciences Group (SG-PS)

XXXVII SCAR Delegates Meeting
5-7 September 2022, Goa, India

SCAR XXXVII Paper 13: Physical Sciences Group (SG-PS)

Agenda Item: 4.2.3
Person Responsible: David Bromwich
Report Authors: David Bromwich, Adriana Gulisano and Steven Colwell


Covid-19 negatively impacted in a big way the activities of all Action Groups (AGs) and Expert Groups (EGs) in 2020-2022.

AntArchitecture AG (joint with GS) has made steady progress on documenting the internal layering especially of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.

ANTOS EG (joint with LS and GS) has identified a supplier for three scalable monitoring systems for both near-shore and terrestrial environments, and these are starting to be deployed. ANTOS is also involved in pursuing major philanthropic funding.

ASPeCt EG has continued its efforts in collecting ship-based observations of the Antarctic sea ice zone.

GRAPE EG (joint with GS) developed a Proposal Planning Group.

IPICS EG has made major progress in acquiring oldest ice samples from Antarctica via its close association with the US-NSF approved the Centre for Oldest Ice Explorations (COLDEX), which will enable targeted large-scale oldest ice activities.

ISMASS EG has continued with meetings and projects dealing with the mass balance of both Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets.

RINGS AG has been very active with meetings and publications to get the AG up and running. It only started in March 2021.

SORP EG members are leading a group of 10+ scientists that are creating a protocol and running first exemplary model experiments for a community-wide Southern Ocean Freshwater release experiment InitiAtive (SOFIA) focusing on a model intercomparison for the ocean and climate response to enhanced freshwater release from Antarctica.