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pdf SCAR 2020 Conference Panel on "Living and Working in Antarctica"

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SCAR 2020 Conference Panel on "Living and Working in Antarctica"

Online Panel held on 28 July 2020:

Antarctica is a continent of extremes and is often regarded as one of Earth’s best analogue environments for the isolation, confinement and challenges experienced during missions to outer space. Even today, Antarctica remains the most sparsely inhabited continent on the planet, with the number of people living at Antarctic research stations every year ranging from around 1,000 during the winter to around 4,500 during the austral summer. Most of the people who make parts of Antarctica their temporary homes come there to work.

While research exists about human performance in Antarctica, only very limited scholarly work focuses on the motivations for people to live and work in Antarctica, their experiences and challenges while residing there, their sense of
belonging and identity, their values, their connections to the continent or whether and why they desire to return to Antarctica in the future. This session will bring together a wide range of perspectives with a focus on facilitating knowledge-building and discussion about the socio-cultural, psychological, economic, political or environmental dimensions of living and working in Antarctica.