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pdf SC-HASS Procedures for Selecting Conference Venues

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SC-HASS Procedures for Selecting Conference Venues

Report of the SC-HASS Ad Hoc Sub-Committee on Conference Organization

Peder Roberts, Elizabeth Leane, and Cristian Lorenzo

Prepared in December 2019, approved in July 2021

The odd-year conferences of SC-HASS have grown substantially, from 18 participants at the inaugural History Action Group meeting in Munich in June 2005 to 130 participants at the SC-HASS conference in Ushuaia in April 2019. This in turn has increased the demands placed upon local organizers and the responsibility placed upon the Chief Officers to select the venue and organizers. The Chief Officers of SC-HASS have therefore determined that a more formal, rigorous, and transparent process is required to select future conference venues and organizers.

This document includes six recommendations developed with input from the SC-HASS membership and took effect for the 2023 SC-HASS conference and all further conferences.