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International Symposium and Summer Schools (AKTRU2019) Life and Earth Sciences and Sustainable Global and Regional Development
From Monday 08 July 2019
To Friday 19 July 2019
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The International Symposium and Summer Schools (AKTRU2019) is an interdisciplinary forum in education and research of various subject areas of life and earth sciences including studies of soil, atmosphere, biodiversity, climatology, geology, paleontology, glaciology with the specific focus on sustainable global and regional development. The AKTRU2019 will include three days symposium (July 8-10) to be held at tourist resort “Manzherok” at the Altai mountains followed by two Summer schools and research field trip organized by three Siberian universities. The international experts are invited to present research papers at the symposium and tutorial lectures at the Summer schools. Young researchers and students are welcome to present posters at the symposium and join the Summer schools. The Symposium topics will also cover several aspects of global and regional sustainability such as renewable energy and socio-economics of remote regions.

For more information and registration, please, visit the Aktru 2019 website.

Location Altai Mountains, Russia

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