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From Monday 16 September 2019
To Friday 20 September 2019
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Ocean Observations for Society and Sustainable Development
Understanding and Prediction in an Age of Changing Ocean Conditions

OceanObs is a decadal meeting that gathers parties related to ocean observations to maintain/enhance ocean observation of the next decade.

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Potential major themes of the meeting are:

Blue Economy

  • Adaptation of physical processes in the natural world to devise solutions to environmental problems of oceanic origins for the betterment of human life; applications to fields such as agriculture, ecosystem services, fisheries  

Ocean Hazards and Opportunities

  • Tsunamis
  • Sea-level rise
  • Year-round, commercial navigation and fishing in the Arctic Ocean  

Climate Variability and Change

  • Natural variability in wind- and density-driven ocean heat transport, temperature, and evaporation causing variability in precipitation, temperature, storminess on land
  • Impacts of global warming on land unpredictable due to heat absorption/sequestration in oceans

Water-Food-Health-Energy Securities

  • Freshwater availability on land; river flows, including trans-boundary rivers and their potential for conflicts
  • Agricultural production
  • Inland, water-borne transportation of cargo, including food and agricultural inputs
  • Hydro-electricity generation
  • Variability in fish and other seafood catches due to natural and anthropogenic variability/changes in the coupled ocean physical-biological system
  • Water-borne diseases such as cholera, E. coli, and typhoid; and vector-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, and Zika
  • Health insecurities caused by malnutrition due to water and food insecurities
  • Socio-economic and political strife and conflicts, leading to national and international insecurity, even armed conflicts and wars        

Ecosystem Health and Biodiversity

  • Impacts of natural climate variability of oceanic origin on forests, wetlands, and pastures; associated impacts on flora and fauna
  • Habitat destruction and consequent effects on biodiversity
  • Coral bleaching

Ocean Acidification

  • Adverse impacts on metabolic rates of oceanic organisms
  • Adverse impacts on calcification rates, leading to dissolution of structures made of calcium carbonate
Location Hawaii, USA

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