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5th International ANGWIN Workshop - Online
From Tuesday 13 April 2021
To Thursday 15 April 2021
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ANGWIN (Antarctic Gravity Wave Instrument Network) is an action group of the Scientific Committee of Antarctic Research (SCAR) that utilizes a network of instrumentation operated at several international research stations around Antarctica with the primary research goal of quantifying and understanding the dominant sources, propagation, and impact of such dynamical processes on a continental-wide scale.

This online workshop invites presentations on new ground-based or satellite observational studies, numerical modelling studies or theoretical studies of Arctic or Antarctic gravity wave sources, propagation, instabilities, and their effects on local, regional, and global scales in any region of the atmosphere.

We aim to have a mix of recorded and live talks at two different times (to capture as many different time zones as possible) and virtual poster sessions.

Abstract Submission deadline: Wednesday 17th March midnight UK time.

Registration deadline: Tuesday 6th April midnight UK time.

See the Workshop website for abstract submission and registration.

Location : Online

Please get in touch with us at info@scar.org if you'd like to advertise an event.