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SETAC (Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry) Europe 2021 - Virtual Conference
From Monday 03 May 2021
To Thursday 06 May 2021
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New challenges to environmental quality are expected at a global scale for the next 30 years as a result of climate change, the depletion of natural resources and the World population growth. Within these three coordinates, the human pressure over the environment is undoubtedly subject to the evolution of the global trade, the economic growth of countries and regions, and population shifts from an increased urbanization and migrations. Environmental sciences must provide solutions to issues caused in this changing scenario by the global rearrangement of the agri-food chain, of the uses of lands and coastal ecosystems, and the innovation in the chemical industry. The risks and management of chemical pollution in soil, water and air, the sustainability of production, as well as the life cycle of products and processes and the effects on the ecosystem services should be determined in time.

SETAC (the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry) Europe 2021 provides a forum where environmental professionals can exchange ideas and present their research for the development and use of multidisciplinary scientific principles and practices leading to sustainable environmental quality. The online programme will include pre-recorded platform presentations and posters which will be available on demand, as well as moderated live sessions to discuss the state of the art and challenges in every research field.Furthermore, every day will be opened with a high level keynote presentationwhich will make you pore over several emerging topics in our community.

There are seven scientific tracks:

  1. Ecotoxicology and human toxicology: from molecules to organisms, from omics to in vivo
  2. Ecotoxicology becomes stress ecology: from populations to ecosystems and landscapes
  3. Environmental chemistry and exposure assessment: analysis, monitoring, fate and modeling
  4. Ecological risk assessment and human health risk assessment of chemicals, mixtures and stressors and risk mitigation strategies
  5. Life Cycle Assessment and foot-printing
  6. Environmental policy, risk management, and science communication
  7. Think-outside-the-box (fundamentally new concepts, innovative/controversial ideas, interdisciplinary issues)

See the website for details of sessions within each track.

Abstract submission is open until 2 December, and registration opens in January 2021.

For more information, visit the SETAC Europe 2021 website.

Please get in touch with us at info@scar.org if you'd like to advertise an event.