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Snow and Atmosphere Field Work Training
From Monday 28 February 2022
To Saturday 05 March 2022
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The Snow and Atmosphere training is organisedat Col du Lautaret in the French Alps for the master Earth Sciences at University Grenoble Alpes (UGA), and this year is open to 8 international students at master level or beginning of their PhD.

The program comprises field work by group of 3 persons (6-7h/day) and lectures (1h/day) on the following topics:

  • snow stratigraphy in snowpits, snow metamorphism (2x 0.5 day)
  • snow thermal regime (0.5 day).
  • snow albedo and surface energy budget, micro-meteorology (0.5 day).
  • snow depth distribution by GPR and DGPS and data processing (3x 0.5 day).
  • atmospheric ozone (0.5 day).
  • snow optics (0.5 day).
  • data processing and interpretation (0.5 day)

The training will be held during the peak of the snow season. 13 local students from UGA will attend. The fees are 450 euro, and include the courses, basic accommodation in chalets on site (Jardin alpin du Lautaret) and food (each group is responsible for cooking for one day).

Col du Lautaret is at the altitude of 2100m.a.s.l and climate conditions in March can be harsh (with sustained -15˚C and windy as in 2018), or clement (0˚C and sunshine as in 2017). While all the field activities take place within 200 m around the chalets, good health conditions, adequate clothing and some initial experience with mountain environment are a prerequisite. Road access to the pass (and the training site) is occasionally closed for a few hours to a full day during snowfall and storm, which may alter the program or the end date.

To apply, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with CV, details of your master curriculum and motivations before 1 December 2021. We will give a response within 3 weeks.

Please see the training flyer for more details.

Location : Col du Lautaret, Hautes-Alpes, France

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