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International Geographic Union Centennial Congress
From Monday 18 July 2022
To Friday 22 July 2022
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The International Geographic Union will reach its 100th anniversary in 2022. To celebrate this creation, the evolution of the discipline over the last century, and its contemporary and future significance, the French Committee of Geography (CNFG) is organizing an extraordinary conference, gathering geographers from all the continents. The event will be organised in venues epitomising the living heart of geography in the city: Sorbonne, Institut de Géographie, Société de Géographie.

The 2022 Paris IGU International Congress is an occasion to gather scientific talents from all over the world and to further cultivate dialogue between geographies and societies. Keynote addresses, scientific presentations as well as various social meetings organised during the Congress will flesh out these high-rank debates.

For full details, please visit the Paris Congress website.

Location : Paris, France

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