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About the AMD

Product AMDThe Antarctic Metadata Directory is the largest collection of Antarctic data set description in the world, holding over 7700 dataset descriptions from 25 countries. It is hosted by the International Directory Network (IDN) of the CEOS-IDN network to minimise duplication of resources and metadata.

Benefits of metadata

National data directories are a useful tool for Antarctic scientists and organisations. Collecting data set descriptions is not easy; even on a national scale, it requires a strong commitment. On-going support from managers of national Antarctic programmes is required.

The benefits that access to the AMD provides to national programmes are:

  • Facilitate access to data
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary research
  • Maximise the use of data
  • Disseminate knowledge about Antarctic scientific programs
  • Avoid duplication of research and data collection
  • Improve efficiency of Antarctic scientific data management
  • Facilitate new research through access to existing Antarctic scientific data
  • Provide a tool for support and decision making for Antarctic operators and scientists
  • Improve cooperation and interoperability between disciplines and Treaty nations
  • Allow better oversight of national programmes
  • The metadata standard (DIF)

All metadata should adhere to certain standards to facilitate information search and retrieval.

The AMD host, IDN, provides extensive information on the relevant standards:

Writing metadata: a tutorial

The IDN provides a metadata entry tool for the Antarctic Metadata Directory. If you want to add metadata to the AMD you need an account; you can contact the GCMD User Support Office (support[at] to obtain a registration name and pass code.

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