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  • There are three components of READER:
    • MET-READER providing surface and upper air mean climate data
    • ICE-READER providing links to ice core data
    • OCEAN-READER which holds oceanographic data



Product MetREADERThe MET-READER database contains monthly mean surface and upper air climatological data derived from the in-situ meteorological observations made at Antarctic stations with long-term records. The site also contains available metadata about changes of instrumentation and station location. Data are available on temperature, surface pressure, wind speed/direction and geopotential height. The web site is updated each month using data received over the WMO Global Telecommunications System.


Product IceREADERThe ICE-READER project documents the availability and nature of ice core records collected from across the Antarctic continent. Interactive maps are available showing the locations of all the cores that have been collected as part of the International Trans-Antarctic Science Expedition and other initiatives. Where available, data are provided on the depth of the core, sampling frequency, time coverage, mean snow accumulation, chemical analysis and site elevation. In addition, links are provided to the ice coring groups that collected the cores and other relevant data archives.


Product OceanREADEROCEAN-READER is a portal to oceanography data that may be of interest to those concerned with climate change at high southern latitudes. Its main focus is temperature, salinity and current data. It doesn't contain original oceanographic records, but provides links to many relevant oceanographic data centres and archives.


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