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Chapter 4 of Science in the Snow (2nd edition) Popular

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Chapter 4 of Science in the Snow (2nd edition)

Chapter 4 - The Expansion Years (1978-87)


For the first twenty years SCAR membership remained unchanged with the original twelve countries that established the original Special Committee in 1958. There seemed limited interest amongst other countries to commit to an expensive Antarctic research programme until, that is, the Treaty began to discuss mineral resources at a series of Special Treaty meetings. Suddenly countries wanted to be included in the decision-making.


  • New members join SCAR
  • XV SCAR, Chamonix, 1978
  • XVI SCAR, Queenstown, 1980
  • XVII SCAR, Leningrad, 1982
  • XVIII SCAR, Bremerhaven, 1984
  • XIX SCAR, San Diego, 1986
  • Rumblings of discontent
  • Antarctic Treaty relations
  • Biological Sciences  *
  • Human Biology and Medicine
  • Geological Sciences
  • Oceanography
  • Glaciology
  • Group of Specialists on Antarctic Climate Research
  • Upper Atmosphere Physics

* Including BIOMASS (Biological Investigations of the Marine Antarctic Systems and Stocks) programme