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Chapter 7 of Science in the Snow (2nd edition) Popular

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Chapter 7 of Science in the Snow (2nd edition)

Chapter 7 - The New SCAR (2004-10)


The history of SCAR changed dramatically with the reorganization, becoming both more complex and more wide-ranging. SCAR was well-positioned to make use of this exciting opportunity and decided to concentrate on three key areas: how Antarctic processes contribute to the working of the Earth System, and vice versa; how the south polar environment is influenced by human activities originating both within and outside the region; and what needed to be done to safeguard the environment.


  • Introduction
  • Key global features of Antarctic science
  • SCAR’s science delivery
  • Standing Scientific Group on Life Sciences (SSG-LS)
  • Standing Scientific Group on Physical Sciences (SSG-PS)
  • Standing Scientific Group on Geosciences (SSG-GS)
  • Interactions with the Antarctic Treaty
  • Interactions with CCAMLR
  • Capacity Building, Education and Training (CBET) and Awards
  • Communication
  • SCAR and IASC – a Bipolar Approach
  • SCAR and the IPY
  • Women and SCAR