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SCAR EXCOM 2007, Washington DC, USA

The SCAR Executive Committee Meeting of 2007 took place on 11 July in Washington DC, USA.

Meeting Report:

pdf SCAR Bulletin 164 - 2007 September - Report of SCAR Executive Committee (EXCOM) Meeting, Washington, USA, 2007 (352 KB)

Notes: WP07 and WP33 were oral presentations.

SCAR EXCOM 2007 WP01a: Agenda (57 downloads) Download (pdf, 77 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2007 WP01b: Annotated Agenda (61 downloads) Download (pdf, 135 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2007 WP02: Timetable (59 downloads) Download (pdf, 80 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2007 WP03: List of Documents (61 downloads) Download (pdf, 52 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2007 WP04: The SCAR Implementation Plan (60 downloads) Download (pdf, 161 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2007 WP05: Report of Cross-Linkages Workshop, Rome, November 2006 (59 downloads) Download (pdf, 125 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2007 WP06: Agenda for Chief Officers’ Meeting, Washington, July 2007 (69 downloads) Download (pdf, 44 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2007 WP08: SCAR Annual Report for 2006 (58 downloads) Download (pdf, 534 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2007 WP09: Proposal for a new Expert Group on Higher Predators (61 downloads) Download (pdf, 92 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2007 WP10: Plans for the Review of Scientific Research Programme Performance (55 downloads) Download (pdf, 106 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2007 WP11: Report on Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) and links with IASC (Annex I) (59 downloads) Download (pdf, 80 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2007 WP12: Proposal to Create an International Union of Polar Sciences (57 downloads) Download (pdf, 65 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2007 WP13: Report on Joint Committee on Antarctic Data Management (JCADM) (75 downloads) Download (pdf, 172 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2007 WP14: Report on the Standing Committee on Antarctic Geographic Information (SC-AGI) (64 downloads) Download (pdf, 153 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2007 WP15a: Report from the SCAR Delegation to XXX ATCM in New Delhi (61 downloads) Download (pdf, 163 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2007 WP15b: XXX ATCM - Resolution E (2007): Conservation of Southern Giant Petrel Macronectes giganteus (53 downloads) Download (pdf, 91 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2007 WP15c: XXX ATCM - Resolution G (2007): Long-term Scientific Monitoring and Sustained Environmental Observation in Antarctica (58 downloads) Download (pdf, 77 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2007 WP16: Report on SCAR and the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) (58 downloads) Download (pdf, 50 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2007 WP17: Draft SCAR Brochure (58 downloads) Download (pdf, 4.05 MB)
SCAR EXCOM 2007 WP18a: Local Arrangements for XXX SCAR (188 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 481 KB)