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SCAR EXCOM 2015 WP05: Strategic Plan Framework Popular


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SCAR EXCOM 2015 WP05: Strategic Plan Framework
SCAR Executive Committee Meeting
26 - 28 August 2015, Tromsø, Norway

SCAR EXCOM 2015 WP05: Strategic Plan Framework

Working Paper: 5
Agenda Item: 1.3
Posted/Revised: 22 Aug 2015
Person Responsible: J. López-Martínez 

Executive Summary

Title: Strategic Plan Framework

Authors: J. López-Martínez 

Introduction/ Background: A new Strategic Plan for the period 2017-2022 should be prepared to replace the current one which covers the period 2011-2016. The new Strategic Plan should be presented to the SCAR Delegates at the XXXIV SCAR Meeting in Malaysia (29-30 August 2016) to be in place by the 1 January 2017.

Important Issues or Factors: This paper outlines a series of ideas as a background for the discussions about the Strategic Plan’s content that will take place during the extended EXCOM meeting in Tromsø. During this meeting we should prepare draft content of the Plan with the input of the Strategic Plan Team (SPT), composed of all the SCAR EXCOM members, the Secretariat staff, the SSG and SC Chief Officers and the SRP Chairs participating in the meeting. It should also be decided the steps to conduct an extended consultation and discussion process. This paper includes a proposal to conduct the discussions during the meeting and also a time-table for the actions after this meeting and up to the entry into force of the new Strategic Plan on 1 January 2017.

Recommendations/Actions and Justification: It is asked to review the initial ideas and the tentative time-table for the preparation of the new Strategic Plan and discuss/approve as appropriate.

Expected Benefits/Outcomes: The Strategic Plan will be a forward-looking vision of what SCAR should do to achieve its mission. It will provide an internal and external overview of SCAR, will contribute to its visibility and will be a framework and guide to conduct SCAR activities in the 2017- 2022 period.

Partners: Various

Budget Implications: The EXCOM should consider the availability of funds for a meeting of the Strategic Plan Team in spring 2016. To reduce travel and costs, this meeting would be in Cambridge with physical participation of those EXCOM members, COs and other SPT members available and having easier and cheaper journeys, and teleconference connection with the others.