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SCAR EXCOM 2015, Tromsø, Norway

The SCAR Executive Committee Meeting of 2015 took place from 26-28 August in Tromsø, Norway

Meeting Report:

pdf SCAR Bulletin 194 - 2015 December - Report of the SCAR Executive Committee (EXCOM) Meeting in Tromsø, Norway, 2015 (652 KB)


COMNAP Agenda and Programme
Templates - SCAR EXCOM 2015, Tromsø, Norway
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SCAR EXCOM 2015 IP04a: Antarctic Environments Portal: Project Completion and Next Steps (ATCM XXXVIII WP21) (1204 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 167 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2015 IP04b: Antarctic Environmental Portal Content Development and Editorial Process (ATCM XXXVIII IP11) (1241 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 242 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2015 IP05: The Martha T Muse Prize (1066 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 191 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2015 IP08: Update on SCAR 2016 XXXIV SCAR Open Science Conference and Biennial Meetings (1032 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 177 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2015 IP09: SCAR Biology Symposium 2017 (1004 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 570 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2015 IP10: Update on POLAR2018 (1056 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 164 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2015 IP11: IASC Performance Survey (1024 downloads) Popular Download (docx, 28 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2015 IP12: Update on Southern Ocean Acidification (1150 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 143 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2015 IP13: WCRP Polar Challenge Endorsement Letter (1042 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 140 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2015 IP14: YOPP Implementation Plan (1027 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 640 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2015 IP15: SOOS Comments on YOPP (1372 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 434 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2015 IP16: CliC Plans for YOPP (1011 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 216 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2015 IP17: International Polar Partnership Initiative (IPPI) - 2015 Revision (1036 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 150 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2015 IP18: International Conference on Arctic Research Planning - Conference Statement (1010 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 137 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2015 IP19: Online Meeting Participation Instructions (1039 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 296 KB)
SCAR EXCOM 2015 IP20: SCAR Strategic Plan 2011-16 Download (pdf)