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SCAR EXCOM 2019 Paper 3: Report from AntClim21 SRP Popular

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SCAR EXCOM 2019 Paper 3: Report from AntClim21 SRP

SCAR Executive Committee Meeting
30-31 July, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

SCAR EXCOM 2019 Paper 3: Report from AntClim21 SRP

Antarctic Climate Change in the 21st Century (AntClim21), 2018-19 Report

Agenda Item: 4
Person Responsible: Tom Bracegirdle

Report Authors: Tom Bracegirdle (UK), Nancy Bertler (New Zealand), Alia Khan (USA), Gerhard Krinner (France), Paul Mayewski (USA), Marilyn Raphael (USA), Joellen Russell (USA).


This has been an active year for AntClim21 with a number of key activities. These have all helped to increase the visibility of AntClim21 and SCAR and provide opportunities for early career researchers.

  • A key activity over the last year has been to write a paper based on discussions at the Past2Projections workshop at POLAR2018 in Davos (Bracegirdle et al., 2019). The paper is on the topic of using long-term observational and paleo-proxy reconstructions to improve model projections of Antarctic and Southern Ocean climate change. The paper represents a significant collaboration with the PAIS SRP and the PAGES CLIVASH2k project.
  • The link to CLIVASH2k came from co-sponsoring of a joint workshop in September 2018 on ‘Climate variability in Antarctica and the Southern Hemisphere over the past 2000 years’ (Thomas, 2019,
  • Whilst following up on the Past2Projections workshop, significant effort has also been put towards preparations for a major workshop in late June 2019. The workshop is on CMIP6 21st century projections and predictions for Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. The CMIP6 dataset is the coordinated climate modelling effort that will feed into the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report (AR6). The aim of the workshop is to help ensure that the Antarctic and Southern Ocean climate science communities make a significant contribution to AR6.
  • A fourth major activity this year has been a collaboration with one of the endorsed CMIP6 projects; the Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project (ISMIP6). The main contribution from AntClim21 has been to provide advice on the use of climate model projections in calculating future ice sheet change (our focus being the Antarctic component of ISMIP6). AntClim21 has participated in videoconferences and an ISMIP6 workshop at the AGU Fall Meeting and ISMIP6 representatives will also attend the June 2019 workshop.