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SCAR XXVII Paper 4: Recommendations from XXVI SCAR Popular


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SCAR XXVII Paper 4: Recommendations from XXVI SCAR

Twenty-seventh Meeting of SCAR Delegates, Shanghai, China, 22-26 July 2002
Agenda Item 4.6

Recommendations from XXVI SCAR:

  1. Concerning biological prospecting
  2. Concerning Antarctic Place-names
  3. Concerning bathymetric data
  4. Concerning meteorological data from Automatic Geophysical Observatories (AGOs)
  5. Concerning the International Programme for Antarctic Buoys (IPAB)
  6. Concerning rationalization of scientific activities on King George Island
  7. Concerning management plans for the Dry Valleys
  8. Concerning metadata records
  9. Concerning management plans for protected areas
  10. Concerning the commercial exploitation of Antarctic meteorites
  11. Concerning Geodetic and Geographic Information
  12. Concerning airborne gravity data for geoid computation
  13. Concerning climate and palaeoenvironmental past records
  14. Concerning the importance of magnetometer data
  15. Concerning continued support of existing observatories
  16. Concerning site testing for astronomical observation
  17. Concerning specially protected species