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XXXI SCAR Delegates 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The XXXI SCAR Delegates’ Meeting took place between 9 - 11 August 2010 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Meeting Report:

pdf SCAR Bulletin 176 - 2010 November - Report of the XXXI SCAR Delegates Meeting, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2010 (381 KB)

Notes: No papers WP12, WP20, WP21. Papers WP32, WP36, IP17, IP21 and IP24 were oral. 

SCAR XXXI WP01: Agenda (111 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 106 KB)
SCAR XXXI WP02: Annotated Agenda (85 downloads) Download (pdf, 217 KB)
SCAR XXXI WP03: List of Documents (79 downloads) Download (pdf, 147 KB)
SCAR XXXI WP04: Timetable (83 downloads) Download (pdf, 165 KB)
SCAR XXXI WP05: Application for Monaco for Associate Membership of SCAR (84 downloads) Download (pdf, 365 KB)
SCAR XXXI WP06: SCAR Strategic Plan 2011-2016: Antarctic Science and Policy Advice in a Changing World (84 downloads) Download (pdf, 1.53 MB)
SCAR XXXI WP07: Report of the SCAR Standing Scientific Group on Geosciences (SSG-GS) (92 downloads) Download (pdf, 421 KB)
SCAR XXXI WP07b: Report on IBCSO Status (82 downloads) Download (pdf, 283 KB)
SCAR XXXI WP08: Report of the SCAR Standing Scientific Group – Life Sciences (SSG-LS) (93 downloads) Download (pdf, 342 KB)
SCAR XXXI WP09: Report of the SCAR Standing Scientific Group on Physical Sciences (SSG-PS) (103 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 462 KB)
SCAR XXXI WP10: Report on SCADM (84 downloads) Download (pdf, 280 KB)
SCAR XXXI WP11: Report on the King George Island Action Group (82 downloads) Download (pdf, 238 KB)
SCAR XXXI WP13: Report on Antarctic Climate Evolution (ACE) (79 downloads) Download (pdf, 668 KB)
SCAR XXXI WP14: Report on Antarctica and the Global Climate System (AGCS) (78 downloads) Download (pdf, 277 KB)
SCAR XXXI WP15: Report on Evolution and Biodiversity in the Antarctic (EBA) (84 downloads) Download (pdf, 374 KB)
SCAR XXXI WP16: Report on Inter-hemispheric Conjugacy Effects in Solar-Terrestrial and Aeronomy Research (ICESTAR) (83 downloads) Download (pdf, 601 KB)
SCAR XXXI WP17: Report on Subglacial Antarctic Lake Environments (SALE) (82 downloads) Download (pdf, 286 KB)
SCAR XXXI WP18: Report on Astronomy and Astrophysics in Antarctica (AAA) (86 downloads) Download (pdf, 222 KB)
SCAR XXXI WP19a: Report on Proposed PPG SERCE-POLENET (90 downloads) Download (pdf, 277 KB)
SCAR XXXI WP19b: Report on Proposed PPG Antarctic Ecosystems: Adaptations, Thresholds and Resilience (AntETR) (91 downloads) Download (pdf, 284 KB)