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SCAR XXXII WP06: The SCAR Membership Fees Popular


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XXXII SCAR Delegates Meeting
23-25 July 2012, Portland Oregon, USA

SCAR XXXII WP06: The SCAR Membership Fees

Working Paper 6
Agenda Item: 4.1
Posted/Revised: June 14
Person Responsible: Huiskes/ Kennicutt/ Badhe/ Sparrow

Executive Summary

Title: The SCAR Membership Fees

Authors: M C Kennicutt, A L Huiskes, M Sparrow, R Badhe

Introduction/ Background:

In 2010 the SCAR Delegates agreed to the following Resolution:

"Delegates agree the need for an increase in contributions of up to 20% in 2012 based on a business case that SCAR will provide for Delegates to take to their funding agencies."

The Business case was circulated (IP4) to all Delegates.

Recommendations/Actions and Justification:

Delegates are asked to approve the proposed fee increases for each membership category (see document). 

Budget Implications: The budget implications of approving, not approving, or a mid-way scenario are outlined in the draft budgets for 2013 (WP35) and 2014 (WP36) as well as the Business Case (IP4).