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SCAR XXXII WP25: Report of the Standing Committee on the ATS Popular

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SCAR XXXII WP25: Report of the Standing Committee on the ATS
XXXII SCAR Delegates Meeting
23-25 July 2012, Portland Oregon, USA

SCAR XXXII WP25: Report of the Standing Committee on the ATS, including the Antarctic Conservation in the 21st Century Initiative and CCAMLR

Working Paper 25
Agenda Item: 8.1
Posted/Revised: July 1
Person Responsible: Chown/Sparrow

Executive Summary

Title: Report of the SCAR Delegation to CEP XV and XXXV ATCM in Hobart, Australia June 11-20th 2012

Authors: M Sparrow, S L Chown, M C Kennicutt, P O’Brien, L Newman, A Terauds

Introduction/ Background: SCAR provides objective and independent scientific advice to the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings and other organizations on issues affecting the conservation and management of Antarctica.

Important Issues or Factors: The XXXV Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM) and XV Meeting of the Committee for Environmental Protection (CEP) took place in Hobart, Australia, from June 10-20th 2012. SCAR provided five Working Papers (WPs), seven Information Papers (IPs) and one Background Paper (BP) on subjects such as: Outcomes from the Aliens in Antarctica Project (also the subject of the SCAR lecture by Aleks Terauds), Tsunami risks, Antarctic Conservation Biogeographic Regions, Anthropogenic sound in the Southern Ocean, the SCAR Products, the Southern Ocean Observing System, an ACCE update and a paper on communicating climate change. Many were submitted jointly with other Parties, Observers and Experts.

Budget Implications: $20k per year for SC-ATS. Funds are also budgeted so the SCAR Delegation can attend the Antarctic Treaty Meetings