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SCAR XXXIV WP13a: Report on AntClim21 (Antarctic Climate Change in the 21st Century) Popular

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SCAR XXXIV WP13a: Report on AntClim21 (Antarctic Climate Change in the 21st Century)
XXXIV SCAR Delegates Meeting
29 - 30 August 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

SCAR XXXIV WP13a: Report on AntClim21 (Antarctic Climate Change in the 21st Century)

Working Paper: 13a
Agenda Item: 4.2.5
Posted/Revised: 20 Jul 2016

Presentation: pdf Agenda Item 4.2.5 (1.27 MB)

Executive Summary:

Authors: Nancy Bertler and Thomas Bracegirdle

Important Issues or Factors: In 2016, AntarcticClimate21 has been in existence for four years and in accordance with the terms of reference, a review of the steering committee membership was carried out. In August 2016, Associate Prof. N. Bertler is stepping down as chair of AntarcticClimate21. We are pleased to announce that Dr. Thomas Bracegirdle was unanimously elected by the steering committee to take up the role of the new chair of AntarcticClimate21. N. Bertler and T. Bracegirdle collaborate as co-chairs until the Delegates Meetings in Malaysia to ensure a smooth transition. Dr. John Turner is stepping down from his position as steering committee member and our aim is to replace him with another atmospheric scientist. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Turner John for his leadership, contributions, and mentorship. John brought a tremendous amount of experience and wisdom to our team provided critical input to create this SRP. All remaining steering committee members continue to serve on the steering committee to ensure successful completion. In addition, we aim to recruit at least one additional steering committee member, including an expert on sea ice.

Recommendations/Actions and Justification: We kindly request the Delegates to note this update.

Budget Implications: $20,000 per annum.