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SCAR XXXV Paper 19: Humanities and Social Sciences Expert Group (HASSEG) Report Popular

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SCAR XXXV Paper 19: Humanities and Social Sciences Expert Group (HASSEG) Report

SCAR XXXV Delegates Meeting, Davos, Switzerland, 25-26 June 2018

SCAR XXXV Paper 19: Humanities and Social Sciences Expert Group (HASSEG) Report

Agenda Item: 4.4.1.

Person Responsible: E. Leane & D. Liggett


Executive Summary


Elizabeth Leane (University of Tasmania, Australia) & Daniela Liggett (University of Canterbury, New Zealand)

Summary of activities and other important matters from 2016-18

HASSEG membership stands at over 200, about half have detailed profiles on our website. Our main activities are sessions at the SCAR OSC, and in alternate years a biennial conferences, held jointly with the History EG. We held our third and largest biennial conference in mid-2017. We built connections with our Arctic counterparts, in particular the IASC Social and Human Working Group (one of our Executive Committee members attended a meeting of this group in early 2018, and we are organizing a session at POLAR2018 with them). Our Executive Committee has extended to include Cristian Lorenzo (CONICET and National University of Tierra Del Fuego), in recognition of our strong South American membership. Cristian will be convening the next HASSEG biennial conference in 2019. The Committee holds meetings via Skype several times a year, as well as the business meetings at our conferences and sessions which all members can attend (over 50 attendees in 2017).

We have a strong online and social media presence through our website, our email communications, Facebook and Twitter. We continue to have a strong working relationship with the History EG.


Together with the SCAR History Expert Group a Humanities and Social Sciences Group is proposed. We will be submitting Action Group proposals along with our main proposal for a Humanities and Social Sciences Group, as well as an SRP Planning Group proposal (jointly with other groups). We also request permission to carry over funds from 2018 to 2019 to ensure sufficient funding for our 2019 Biennial Conference in Argentina.