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SCAR Krill Action Group Report 2022 Popular

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SCAR Krill Action Group Report 2022

SCAR Krill Action Group (SKAG) 2020-22 Final Report

Action Group of the Life Sciences Group

Report Author(s): SKAG Board


The CCAMLR Scientific Committee has emphasised the need for a mechanism to better incorporate the relevant science being done on krill into CCAMLR. Thus, a SCAR Krill Action Group (SKAG) was initiated in 2018 to become a prime conduit between CCAMLR and the wider krill science community. SKAG provides a forum to guide research directions, promote collaboration, improve understanding of krill biology and ecology, and through the SCAR Standing Committee on the Antarctic Treaty System, will assist in providing critical scientific information relevant to krill fishery management. Furthermore, the group will provide a forum for an information exchange on upcoming cruises and funding opportunities, as well as lab facilities for experimental krill work, and will serve as a platform for the development of future international collaborative research proposals and programs.

Since 2020 SKAG has developed to an established body to transfer krill science which is important for management into CCAMLR and beyond such as the new established Science Industry Forum (SIF) and NGOs like WWF and PEW. In addition, SKAG has a close interaction with, and provides input to, the existing SCAR group Integrating Climate and Ecosystem Dynamics in the Southern Ocean - ICED, by performing joint workshops and papers, which greatly enhanced the opportunities for the ECRs to connect with peers and experts internationally and nurture collaboration. The role of SKAG as prime source for providing information on krill biology and ecology and as a conduit to facilitate collaboration becomes even more important in understanding and managing the SO ecosystem and its fishery in the changing environment. Due to this circumstances we like to continue with SKAG as SCAR Krill Expert Group in 2023. An application is submitted to the heads of the Life Science Group.