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OpMet Expert Group Report 2022

Expert Group on Operational Meteorology in the Antarctic (OpMet) 2020-22 Report

Expert Group of the Physical Sciences Group

Report Author: Steve Colwell (UK)

Summary of activities from 2020-22

The group continues to maintain webpages that are updated on a weekly basis with news, information and data monitoring at

Data is updated on a monthly basis on the MET-READER website.

An archive of high-resolution radiosonde data collected during the Special Observing Period (SOP) of the Year of Polar Predication - Southern Hemisphere (YOPP-SH) has been created at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), this can be found at

A second winter campaign for the YOPP-SH is taking place between mid-April and mid-August 2022 and many members of the OpMet group are involved in this and data from these flights will be added to the YOPP-SH archive once the campaign has finished.