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JEGHBM Expert Group Report 2022

Joint Expert Group on Human Biology and Medicine 2020-2022 Report

Expert Group of the Life Sciences Group

Report Author(s): Anne Hicks (UK), Giichiro Ohno (Japan), Nathalie Pattyn (Belgium)

Summary of activities from 2020-2022

  1. Update of the JEGHBM-EG webpage on the SCAR website, with general access for membership and select access for licensed clinical providers.
  2. JEGHBM activity was dominated addressing the COVID 19 pandemic both for National Antarctic Programs and international communities. Report available to membership of JEGHBM members and affiliated groups on JEGHBM webpages and COMNAP website members area.
  3. SCAR 2022 special program addressing medicine in extreme environments from Antarctica to Outer Space. Antarctic expeditioners and Spaceflight – Lessons learned in health and medicine off the grid. Co-convenors Marc Shepanek and Nathalie Pattyn. Presentations included: medicine, behavioral medicine and health, extended reality technology, analog definition, oral microbiome and inflammatory markers.

Key challenges faced: APT IQ NOW
A - Avoid bringing COVID 19 to Antarctica.
P - Prevent the transmission of COVID 19 if it is transported to Antarctica.
T - Treat COVID 19 in Antarctica with most current information possible.
I - Isolation processes and procedures, including transport defined.
Q - Quarantine as necessary.
N - National program cooperative preparations facilitated in advance.
O - Optimize communication between national programs clinical resources.
W - Work-up continuously updated guidance for the International Antarctic community to address challenges from COVID 19.

JEGHBM members are in dialogue with their COMNAP operational partners to support decisions with respect to COVID-19 and ensuring that science activities are disturbed as little as possible within the significant considerations of COVID related challenges. JEGHBM will be in communication with ATCM.