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GRAPE Expert Group Report 2022

GRAPE (GNSS Research and Application for Polar Environment) 2020-22 Report

Expert Group of the Geosciences and Physical Sciences Groups

Report Author(s): Giorgiana De Franceschi (Italy) and Nicolas Bergeot (Belgium)

Summary of activities from 2020-22

  • Organization of the GRAPE online workshop. The workshop took place on 1-3 July 2020, 13:00-15:00 GMT each day, via Google Meet. The workshop registration was free of charge. The workshop received about 100 registrations. On the average about 70 colleagues from all over the world participated to the workshop along the three days, many of them had the possibility to interact actively by chat and by microphone. Several Early Career Researchers/Students followed the workshop as well. The full report on the workshop is available.
  • Publication of the white paper “Polar atmosphere and Geospace: Present knowledge, infrastructures and future research directions”, September 2020, as pdf SCAR Bulletin 203 (748 KB) .
  • Organization of the scientific session “GHJ: The polar environment and geospacer” in the frame of the URSI General Assembly and Scientific Symposium, (Rome, 28 August-4 September 2021)
  • Maintenance and updating of the GRAPE web.
  • Coordination of international efforts for drafting the new PPG RESOURCE (renamed AGATA), last submission June 2, 2022.
  • Coordination of activity for a review paper titled ”Review of environmental monitoring by means of radio waves in the (Ant)Arctic: from atmosphere to geospacer” related to GRAPE/RESOURCE, submitted to Surveys in Geophysics in March 2022, and accepted in June 2022 for publication with minor revisions.
  • Coordination for data management and archive from Arctic and Antarctic experimental infrastructures of GRAPE interest.
  • Outreaches activities, carried out at national level.